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Refer A Friend
Did you know you can earn up to $50 in referral credits every time you refer a friend? 
Truespeed deeply appreciates that our clients care enough to send their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to us. As a small token of our appreciation, we will give a $25 service credit for each and every referral that concludes with a successful new installation of Truespeed internet services (Cable, Fixed Wireless and DSL/FTTN Internet).

We provide ADDITIONAL credits for each successful referral sent when you like us on Facebook (+$5), recommend us on Facebook (+$10), and/or provide a five-star review on the Truespeed Google page (+$10). Referral credits and their bonuses apply without limit for each and every new client referred to who signs up with us and maintains an account in good standing for a minimum of three months.
Don’t forget that qualifying for the additional $25 in bonus referral credits is purely optional. We only want positive reviews if you feel our focus on local service and unbeatable pricing are deserving of your recommendation. 
You can now refer friends on Facebook easily and automatically! Receiving referral credits is only a click away – Click on the button below for more information or to get started! 

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Thank you for choosing Truespeed – we sincerely appreciate it!  
If you have any questions or don’t feel like filling out a form,
call us or drop by to speak with us in person. We’re always happy to help!

Thank you! Really.

Truespeed sincerely appreciates our valued clients. Thank you for your support! 
As a small demonstration of the gratitude we feel for every person who trusts Truespeed for communication and entertainment, we often hold contests for something interesting. At the moment, we’re working on our next big draw idea and are certainly open to suggestions on what that might be.  Every Truespeed client whose account is in good standing is automatically provided with a single ballot for each draw. If you’re a Truespeed subscriber, you don’t need to do anything as you are automatically entered into every contest we put out. 
Want more chances to win? No problem! People who like us or recommend us on Facebook as well as provide Truespeed with a five-star Google review will receive an additional ballot for each action.  That’s a possible three additional ballots per draw. Automatic ballots perpetually roll over to future Truespeed contests as long as your account remains valid and the likes/recommendation remain in place. Likes, recommendations, and 5-star review ballots remain in the entry for as long as they remain online. You don’t have to be a Truespeed subscriber to win. While our clients automatically get a free ballot each draw for choosing Truespeed, anyone who likes our Facebook page provides a positive recommendation for us on our Facebook page or provides a 5 Star review on our Google Reviews page will also have (an) additional ballot(s) in the draw. We are not asking for recommendations or reviews if we don’t deserve them so please be honest. For those who do not feel our low pricing, customer-focused service or our fantastic refer-a-friend program are worthy of praise, please contact us at to discuss how we can make things better for you. We care about your satisfaction and appreciate your choosing Truespeed!  
The not-so-fine print: Winners are provided with a credit equaling the cost of their internet service plus HST as of their most recent statement prior to the draw.  This credit is applied to the winner’s account once a month for six consecutive months. The credit is based on your personal package value and as such, winners may have different values associated with their prizes.  As an example, a client with a $44.99 +HST per month package will receive a $44.99 +HST credit each month for six months. If a winning subscriber has a $74.99 +HST package, they will receive a $74.99 +HST credit each month. In the event that a new customer wins, they can choose any package they would like but a maximum $99.99 +HST credit would be applied to the account each month for six (6) months, should the chosen package exceed that value.  Existing subscribers are welcome to change their package at any time (fees may apply) but the credit value will always be based on the invoice they received prior to being informed that they won. The promotion only covers the cost of internet service. Other costs such as equipment rentals, DSL/FTTN Dry Loop fees (where applicable), or companion services such as telephone and TV are not included in the monthly credit.  Lastly, if you cancel your services or your account falls into arrears, all remaining prize credits will be considered null and void.  There is no cash value associated with this promotion. 

If your experience was anything short of perfect, we’d love to hear your feedback. 
Please contact us if your experience with Truespeed was anything short of perfect. We value your business and want to do our best to ensure you’re more than satisfied with your service. We only want honest reviews, so if you have any concerns over whether the service received deserves a five-star review, please contact us at (613) 865-7733 ext 4, so we can make things better. 

Refer a friend offer valid for Truespeed clients only. 

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